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[composer, guitarist, singer-songwriter, artist, writer
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(c) 2010 Sean McMahon. All rights reserved.

More coming soon! There will be a massive compilation of
downloadable and streaming mp3s
from the vault coming in some form or another....

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Studio Releases

Last bite from the apple EP

Released in 2008.
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Last bite from the apple
Hundreds of days

VIIb cover VIIb

Released in 2006.
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You've gotta be crazy just to be ©       lyrics
The story goes ©        lyrics
The Masquerade blues ©
Last bite from the apple ©    lyrics
There is no elect ©       lyrics
The earth is a man ©    lyrics
Girl, pay me no attention ©    lyrics
The ballad of Mighty Jim & his mother ©    lyrics
O, my Lord ©  lyrics