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compositions/recordings - video - teaching - shows/booking - myspace - tidwell's treasure

A composer, singer-songwriter, and guitarist, Sean McMahon's music covers a wide range of styles and sounds. His vast portfolio of musical works is filled out mainly by hundreds of songs (folk; rock; pop; blues; etc.) which are currently being gathered & archived to be featured and made available on this site ("compositions/recordings" section), in addition to the presentation of new works.

In addition to his large cache of songs, McMahon is also a composer of choral & instrumental works, recognizable by his intense & sensitive treatment of texts and colorful, haunting, and especially, peculiar, tonal and rhythmic language.

A graduate from the New England Conservatory of Music, Sean McMahon presently lives in Western Massachusetts where he teaches guitar, voice, and composition. He performs regularly throughout the area both solo with his guitar and, most recently, with his band, Tidwell's Treasure.

Lee Taylor of Masslive on Tidwell's Treasure: "...sonic humor, a sort of dancability with respectability comes from a tight-knit group of Springfield area friends who take their chops seriously and let the rest hang out."
"Amidst the throngs of noise, punk and Americana groups in the Northampton area, Treasure actually stands out as something refreshing. They could play with just about any local act at this point and would easily perform the more memorable set of the night." Read the full article here.